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Painting Tools

What is the difference between using a top-quality painting tool and an average tool, as far as how much you can accomplish, how it feels, how it works and affects your final job?

Like any other product, the raw materials and the construction methods dictate the quality of the tool. Lower-grade steel means the blade will rust or pit more easily than a high carbon or stainless steel blade. Short tang (how long the blade is embedded in the handle) will affect how durable the painting tool is when used on a day-to-day basis

Are there any hints to make a paint scraper work smarter, faster, better?

Keeping the paint scraper blade free of nicks and abrasions is important for scraping and patching. The smoothness of the blade allows you to work faster and provides a better result. Many painters know how to use a machinist file to keep the edge free of burrs and chips.

What are some tips to help make hand painting tools last longer (e.g., cleaning them, etc.)?

Keeping painting tools clean and not leaving them to soak in solvents or water will help them last longer. Also, not leaving painting tools in direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold is always helpful.