How to Use a Paint Roller System.

Pro painter attaching a large roller frame to an extension pole

How to Use a Paint Roller System.

Painting With a Roller System Tips and Techniques

Having all your applicators and tools at your fingertips is an important first step of your paint job to ensure you’re prepared to tackle any task efficiently. Roller systems require combining several different products into a single helpful tool:


For Pros and even experienced DIYers, how to roll paint depends largely on the size and intricacies of the space, which also dictate the materials needed.


Roller Covers

Start with these tips to find a roller cover most fitting for your project:

Small roller covers release paint just as evenly and deliver the same results as a full-size roller cover on smaller-scale tasks like doors or cabinets. Purdy® Jumbo Mini roller covers are even constructed of the same fabric as our standard roller covers.

Great for projects both inside and out, Purdy 9-inch paint roller covers provide exceptional paint pickup and release to fuel Pros’ productivity. Available in a variety of materials and nap sizes, they’re well suited for rolling paint on many surfaces, including drywall, ceilings and concrete.

Purdy 14-inch roller covers deliver as much as 55% more painting productivity* than our 9-inch roller covers, meaning fewer trips to load up with paint and the potential to turn more jobs in less time.

For big jobs, 18-inch roller covers save time when rolling out large walls and painting ceilings.


*Compared to average completion time using the Purdy 9-inch roller and 9-inch frame.

Roller Frames

Look for frames that are lightweight and durable and are simple to maneuver when painting near corners for smooth rolling and finish. Purdy Revolution™ Roller Frames, available in Jumbo Mini, 9-inch and 14-inch, are designed to easily release used paint covers without getting your hands dirty by knocking them on the side of a trash can for disposal.


For large-scale projects, choose a roller frame that allows you to apply even pressure without wiggle for an even finish. Purdy Revolution 18" Fixed Frame has fewer moving parts for smooth rolling and is designed for easy removal to clean.

Extension Poles


Extension poles are an important consideration when painting large walls, decks or ceilings to provide extra reach and comfort. Purdy Power Lock® Extension Poles are adjustable and lock at any length. They are lightweight for painting comfort and feature a universal tip to attach to most roller frames.


Paint Trays and Liners


Purdy tools are designed to work together so Pros can maximize productivity. Choose Purdy paint trays, buckets and liners for even paint loading and quick cleanup.


Purdy NEST Tray System® paint trays and liners are available in 9-inch and 18-inch. Boost efficiency even more with the NEST™ Dual Roll-Off Bucket. It can be shared by two Pros and includes a premium bucket lid to keep paint fresh between painting sessions.


For quick projects and fewer trips to the paint can, look for a carry-and-go paint pail. The Purdy Pail, when used with a ladder hook, allows you to safely climb up and down ladders with both hands. It also features a roller ramp and brush magnet for easy applicator access and a liner for easy cleanup.


Having a complete roller system on hand, including roller covers and frames, paint trays, liners and compatible accessories, ensures you’re prepared to tackle any task — making efficient work of one flawlessly finished project so you can move on to the next.