Do It All Like a Pro.

Professional painter painting an interior wall using a beige color.

Do It All Like a Pro.

Quick View How-Tos

This video series covers prep, cleanup and everything in between to help Pros work faster and get the best results possible with Purdy® professional painting tools.

Video thumbnail of a person painting a surface with a brush.
Surface Matters

Surface type is the top feature to consider when choosing brushes and rollers. Find out which tools are best for the job here.

Video thumbnail of a person filling a hole in a wall using a multi-tool.
Prep for Success

Start your job off right with Purdy prep tools and tips. Learn how to clean, patch, fill in imperfections and more for smooth surfaces and results.

Video thumbnail showing a pro painter painting around a window trim.
Make the Cut

Learn how to paint straight lines on molding, trim and more by “cutting-in” – without tape – in this video.

Video thumbnail of a person painting a wall with a roller.
Nap Knowledge

Purdy rollers are made of high-quality fabrics and come in a wide range of naps. Watch and learn which roller nap and style is best for the job.

Video thumbnail of painted cabinet doors.
Smooth Moves

This step-by-step video suggests the brushes, rollers, tools and techniques to use so cabinet projects go smoothly from the start.

Video thumbnail of painting a front door with a mini roller.
Front Door Face-Lift

A front door gets hit with lots of weather wear and tear. Freshen it up by using the tools and techniques for the best finish.

Video thumbnail of cleaning a paintbrush in the sink using a comb of the brush and roller cleaner.
A Clean Finish

Watch this video and see how the right tools can not only clean your brushes and rollers, but extend their use and life.