Simple, Sturdy, Secure: New Purdy® Revolution™ 18-inch Fixed Roller Frame Is for Hassle-Free Painting.

Strong metal frame does more to hold the roller cover in place for an even release of paint — easy to load, use, clean every time.

CLEVELAND–June 29, 2021 – The new Purdy® Revolution 18-inch Fixed Roller Frame has a sturdy one-piece metal design that helps lock the roller cover in place so there are no messes or mishaps. Purdy asked professional painters what would make their big jobs easier, and the answer was a stiff frame that secures the roller from the first pass to the last. Starting in June, customers can visit their local Sherwin-Williams store for a better way to paint large spaces in less time.

Simple Design, Superior Results

Frames that flex, tilt or swivel during use can cause rollers to work loose, or cause covers to creep off the roller. Often, painters must stop what they’re doing to tighten the frame yet again. The Revolution 18-inch Fixed Roller Frame solves these problems so painters can work without the usual interruptions. “When we spoke to pros, we found that most who use adjustable frames prefer an 18-inch roller cover, so we created a rugged fixed frame that is lightweight and durable,” said Sharad Gaurav, Purdy product manager. “By keeping the roller firmly fastened and centered, our frame helps you get a consistent, even release of paint across the surface. When you’re not worried about the roller cover coming loose or falling off, it’s easier to get the best result the first time.”

Pro painters can also expect to maximize painting productivity when using Purdy’s 18-inch roller covers, including WhiteDove™, Marathon®, Colossus™ and Ultra Finish®. The large roller covers save hours on the job by allowing you to cover the same amount of space in less time.

With Purdy’s new frame, pros can lay down a lot of paint with less concern about rework. Key features include:

Rugged metal design: One-piece aluminum construction gives painters a strong, sure feel when using the frame and eliminates the shaking or wobble caused by moving parts, so covers stay securely on track for a fantastic finish. Rust-resistant and durable, this tool also helps pros look their best.

Nonremovable wing nuts: Secure locking is provided by patent-pending, non-removable wing nuts. With no parts to lose, there is no need to carry spare nuts and screws or to make unplanned trips to the hardware store.

Sliding adjustable ends: Sliding ends provide easy-on, easy-off replacement of roller covers and allow painters to tighten the roller to their desired feel. Stout and resilient, the ends easily support rollers loaded up with paint and detach from the frame to make cleanup a breeze.

Quick-connect convenience: The new frame uses the Purdy Quick Connect system to attach to Purdy’s Power Lock® Extension Poles in a snap. This custom locking mechanism latches onto the frame for a tight grip that provides security during use. 

Paint Confidently

Purdy’s Revolution 18-inch Fixed Roller Frame is ideal for painting walls, ceilings, floors, wood decks and other flat, open spaces. Applying coatings like block filler is also made easier by a strong frame that helps push the material into the pores of the concrete. Inside and outdoors, Purdy aims to help pros own the painting process.

Pros can find the new frame at their nearby Sherwin-Williams store or by visiting By delivering products for specific needs, Purdy continues to be a one-stop solution for professionals who want the best tools available.

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