The Art of Brushmaking.

Brushmaker applying a yellow sticker with their signature to a new brush.

The Art of Brushmaking.

Experienced Purdy® Brushmakers Handcraft Every Paintbrush.

It is no secret that products with a reputation for quality are those that have withstood the test of time. Creating quality brushes is at our core.

We believe the finest tools require a personal touch, which is why Purdy paintbrushes have been handcrafted since the beginning. They’re made by skilled brushmakers and are individually marked with stickers bearing the name of the dedicated craftsperson standing behind them — still.

Many brushmakers have more than three decades of experience combining the finest raw materials — from rigorously lab-tested filaments to fine Alderwood handles — into precision professional-grade paintbrushes. Everyone from Pro painters to serious DIYers can feel confident the tool they’re using was made with the utmost attention to detail and tailored to meet their exacting standards, because it was crafted by someone who cares as much as they do.

Closeup of Purdy brush filaments.
Finest filament blends

Sourced from quality materials for the best performance — stiff to soft, natural to synthetic. Tailored to different uses with tipped (pointed) or flagged (split/bushy) ends.

Four wood brush handle shapes.”
Lightweight alderwood handles

Harvested in the Pacific Northwest, there’s a style for every preference and project.

Cross-section of a Purdy brush ferrule showing internal components.
High-capacity wood plugs

Serves as a well, holding and dispersing paint evenly to filament tips for smooth, consistent application.

Closeup of a Purdy stainless steel ferrule.
Stainless-steel or copper-clad ferrules

Resist corrosion and ensure the brush maintains its overall shape. Nickel-plated threaded nails improve corrosion resistance and strength.

Brushmaker applying signature yellow sticker to a brush.
Brushmaker signatures

Each brush is signed with pride by the person who crafted it.

Steps to Building the Best Pro Paintbrushes

Still based in the Pacific Northwest, the Purdy growing lineup of specialty professional paintbrushes is also still made by hand and relied upon for their ability to deliver superior coverage and performance for decades. And while this brushmaking process might look simple — just grab some filaments, insert into a metal ferrule, give ’em a comb and there you go — don’t be fooled.

It’s the expertise of our brushmakers that makes the process appear so simple, to the tune of several million each year.

Here’s how Purdy brushes are handcrafted:

Step 1:

First, the brushmaker takes a large handful of filaments and slides them though a ferrule, the large metal ring separating the brush from its handle. To prevent corrosion, ferrules typically have copper-clad or stainless-steel constructions.

Step 2:

With a few gentle taps, the brushmaker ensures that all filaments are uniform and the ferrule is straight.

Step 3:

Next, the brushmaker centers and inserts the wooden plug into the base of the paintbrush head to a depth of half the plug’s width. The plug creates a well that holds paint and disperses it evenly to the tips of the filaments, ensuring it applies smoothly to any surface.

Step 4:

The base of the brush head is then placed on a wooden knob called a pull-down, where the ferrule is gently slid down over the knob until it sits flush on the surface of the workspace. The filaments are then shaped to the correct length for optimal precision and control.

Step 5:

A quick fan of the filaments followed by a few swipes with a brush comb removes any loose fibers.

Step 6:

Finally, a few nickel-plated threaded nails are used to connect the filament-filled ferrule to the hardwood brush handle. The Alderwood handles used for all Purdy paintbrushes come from trees harvested in the Pacific Northwest. Then, they are shaped into their unique styles before being attached to a brush head.

Step 7:

After being stamped with a red Purdy logo and wrapped in the signature yellow keeper, each meticulously crafted Purdy paintbrush is ready to be put to work by a Pro.