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How to Paint a Color Block Wall with Purdy®

Color block wall project before changes Color block wall project before changes

Color blocking is an easy way to add a pop of vibrant color to your space or section off a part of the room to create a work space, a breakfast nook or a kid's play area. Use these techniques to create your own unique design.

  • Weekend Project
  • Beginner-friendly

Before you start: Gather supplies.

Overview image of required supplies

Step 1: Plan your design.

Hands marking wall with a pencil and level

Wipe walls with a clean, damp cloth to prepare painting surface. Use a pencil to lightly draw the lines for your design.

Step 2: Tape.

Hands applying blue painter's tape to wall

Carefully tape off the trim and the marked area. Then press your thumb over the tape edge to make sure it fully seals against the wall.

Step 3: Apply first color.

Hand applying paint to taped wall with a WhiteDove roller

Using your WhiteDove roller, apply your first color working in "V" pattern. WhiteDove provides a smooth, lint-free finish.

Step 4: Peel the tape.

Hand peeling blue painter's tape from wall

While the paint is still damp, carefully peel the tape off. Allow paint to dry.

Step 5: Tape off next section.

Hand applying tape to overlapping painted section

After the paint is fully dry (check your paint label for exact cure time), mark and tape off the next shape, making sure the edge is fully sealed.

Zoomed-out photo of completed second taping and painting tools

Step 6: Apply second color.

Hand applying second paint color to wall and ceiling with brush Roller applying second color over first and base wall colors

Use your Clearcut brush to paint corners and cut in around trim and windows. Clearcut brushes have stiff bristles to provide a sharp cut in line. Then, use an extension pole to paint larger areas with a roller.

While the paint is still damp, carefully remove the tape et voila!

Perspective photo of completed project with desk, chair, plant, and accessories Detail photo showing finished painted overlap with desk, plant, and accessories