Professional Painting Tips for Increased Production.

Pro painter rolling an oversized roller in a five-gallon bucket.

Professional Painting Tips for Increased Production.

How to Stay Organized, Save Time and Get More Done

As home renovation projects continue to grow in popularity, organization and other time-savers are necessary to ensure efficiency from jobsite to jobsite and increase your ability to turn more projects in record time.

The key is to find areas of opportunity.

One – cutting in above baseboard without painter’s tape.
Skip the Tape

Use Purdy® specialty brushes and rollers for precision cutting and creating clean, crisp lines.

Two – painter dipping an oversized roller into a Dual Roll-Off Bucket
Choose the Right Tools

Quality tools with multiple uses save time and energy while delivering more bang for your buck.

Three – open view of the Purdy Storage Box showing it well stocked and organized
Stay Organized

Storage solutions made for Pros, by Pros, keep tools organized and fuel productivity.

Four – Pro painter washing a paintbrush in a sink using a brush cleaner comb
Make Cleanup Quick

The longer paint sits on a brush, the more difficult it is to clean. Wash tools immediately after each use.