How to Paint Stenciled Floors

Transform your laundry room, living room, kitchen or patio floor with an eye-catching look of patterned tile. 

Detail of a stenciled concrete floor with gray and white design.

How to Paint Stenciled Floors

Transform your laundry room, living room, kitchen or patio floor with an eye-catching look of patterned tile. 


Add character to concrete floors by simply using floor paint or stain and a stencil. 



2” or 2.5” Chinex® Elite™ Brush
Marathon® 9” x 1/2” Roller Cover
9” Revolution™ Frame
NEST™ Tray System® 9” Tray
NEST™ Tray System 9” Tray Liner
2-4’ POWER LOCK® Extension Pole
12” Jumbo Mini Roller Frame
WhiteDove™  4” x 1/4” Jumbo Mini Roller Cover
Concrete cleaner/etcher
Concrete stain in at least 2 colors
Stir Sticks




Clear concrete sealer
WhiteDove™ 9” x 3/8” Roller Cover
2” or 2.5” angled Syntox Brush 

Animated before and after transition of unpainted and painted concrete laundry room floor.

Purdy® Supplies You’ll Need

Step 1 Prep the floor

Start with a clean, dry surface to ensure proper adhesion of the stain. Follow cleaner/etcher label for instructions and dry times. Use a sander to get rid of glossy spots and surface imperfections. Thoroughly vacuum the surface. 

Step 2 Tape

Tape off baseboards and door frames with masking tape.

Step 3 Apply base color stain

Use your Chinex® Elite brush to cut in and around the perimeter of the floor. Chinex® Elite brushes have stiff bristles to provide a sharp cut-in line and are great for rough surfaces like concrete.

Use your Marathon® roller on an extension pole to apply the stain. Marathon® provides fast, even coverage and ensures the stain is thoroughly worked into the concrete surface. 

Work in sections to avoid parts of the floor drying too quickly.
Depending on the stain, you might need several coats to ensure maximum coverage. Always read label directions for recommended recoat times.

Step 4 Position the stencil

Plan your stencil layout. If your space is rectangular, start at the corner of the room and work your way out. If it’s an irregular shape, you might want to start in the middle of the floor to make sure the design is centered. Place your stencil and secure it in place with masking tape. 

Use adhesive spray to very lightly coat the underside of the stencil to prevent it from slipping or pulling up from the floor while you paint.

Step 5 Apply design color

Using your WhiteDove™ mini roller, carefully apply the design color, working in one direction. WhiteDove™ provides a smooth, lint-free finish. 

You can roll off excess paint on a piece of scrap cardboard before rolling it over the stencil. Build up the coverage with several passes and avoid pressing too hard on the roller frame to ensure clean edges.

Step 6 Reposition the stencil

Once the paint is dry to the touch, reposition the stencil, making sure the design creates a seamless pattern. Repeat the process until the whole floor is covered. You might need to cut the stencil when you get to the edge of the floor. 

Starting in a corner and working outward along two edges of the floor is an easy way to ensure each new “tile” of the pattern is positioned correctly.

Step 7 Apply clear sealer (optional)

Once the stain has completely cured, you can seal your floor with a clear topcoat. This step is especially important for exterior or high-traffic areas to ensure your design will last. Use your Syntox™ brush to apply clear coat around the edges. Syntox™ has extra-soft bristles that create a smooth finish with no brush marks. Use a WhiteDove® roller and an extension pole to apply the sealer onto the main surface of the floor. WhiteDove® creates a professional, lint-free finish.

Following the product label, allow the clear sealer to fully dry before walking on your new floor or moving back the furniture.

Completed Project

stenciled floor
stenciled floor

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