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How to Paint a Front Door with Purdy®

Front door project before changes Front door project after changes

Create instant curb appeal with a bold, bright color. You can also use these techniques to paint any interior or exterior door.

  • Few Hours
  • Beginner Friendly

Before you start: Gather supplies.

Overview image of required supplies

Step 1: Prep the door.

Hand removing door hardware

Remove all hardware.

Hand cleaning door with 10-in-1 multi-tool

Clean the door thoroughly. Then, use a Premium 10-in-1 Multi-Tool to fill any dents and fix other imperfections with putty. Let the putty fully dry.

Hand using sandpaper to smooth door

Lightly sand the surface to ensure a smooth final result.

Hand wiping door with lint-free cloth

Thoroughly wipe the surface with a lint-free cloth to remove any dust.

Step 2: Tape.

Hands applying blue painter's tape to front door around windows

Tape off any windows and the surrounding trim. Place a drop cloth on the ground.

Step 3: Plan your route & paint.

Image showing the four different stages of painting the door

To maximize efficiency, use the diagram to guide the order in which you paint.

Hand applying paint with brush cutting the recess areas of door

Use your Nylox™ brush to cut in and around windows and recess areas. Nylox™ brushes are super soft and create a perfect finish with no brush marks.

Hand applying paint with brush cutting the recess areas of door

Use your Parrot™ mini roller to paint the flat areas of the door. Parrot’s quality mohair fabric is ideal for creating a smooth, mirror-like finish.

Once the paint is fully cured, peel off the tape and reattach the hardware.

Front door project after changes