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Easy DIY Fireplace Makeover with Purdy®

Fireplace project before changes Fireplace project after changes

Turn an outdated fireplace into a modern beauty with a few coats of paint and a wood stain for the mantle.

  • Weekend Project
  • Intermediate

Before you start: Gather supplies.

Overview image of required supplies

You'll need:

For the mantle (optional):

Step 1: Clean the brick.

Hand cleaning fireplace with wire brush

Use the crisscross wire brush to remove any loose dirt and soot.

Hand cleaning bricks with rag and cleaner

Following package instructions, use TSP cleaner to remove stubborn stains. This step will ensure the paint adheres properly to the surface. Rinse and allow to dry.

Step 2: Tape.

Hands applying blue painter's tape to fireplace

Tape off the firebox and the surrounding trim. Place a drop cloth on the floor.

Step 3: Apply primer.

Hand using brush to paint between the bricks

Use your Chinex® Elite™ brush to cut in and around the perimeter and paint between the bricks. Chinex Elite has durable stiff bristles that are perfect for rough surfaces.

Hand applying paint to taped wall with a Marathon® mini roller

Use your Marathon® mini roller to apply primer to the face of the brick. Marathon’s knitted fabric provides excellent coverage on rough, porous surfaces.

Step 4: Apply paint.

Hand using brush to paint the bricks

Apply paint around the edges and between the bricks using your Chinex Elite brush.

Hand applying paint to taped wall with a Marathon® roller

Use your Marathon mini roller to paint the face of the brick. Marathon is great for both oil- and water-based paint or primer formulas.

Step 5: Remove tape.

Hand removing painters tape

Carefully remove the tape and let the paint dry completely before moving on to staining the mantle.

Step 6: Stain the mantle.

Hand using brush to apply stain to the mantle

Use your White Bristle brush to apply stain in the direction of the grain. These brushes have natural bristles that are ideal for oil-based stains.

Hand wiping off excess stain with clean rag

Work in the direction of the grain. Let the stain soak in (the product label will tell you for how long). Wipe off excess stain with a clean rag.

Step 7: Apply clear coat.

Hand using brush to apply clear coat to mantle

Once the stain is fully dry, use your Syntox™ brush to apply a clear protective coat. Syntox has extra-soft bristles that create a very smooth finish with no brush marks.

Once the clear coat is fully dry, remove any remaining tape and add some decorative pieces to your newly transformed fireplace.

Picture from the front of the finished fireplace Picture from the top of the fireplace focusing on mantle